Episode 20 – Executions (Part One): Why Would The Elephant God Allow This?

20 episodes! Wow! Great job everybody. This week, we have the first part of our episode on executions. We start simple with classics such as stoning and beheading but we soon move into more imaginative territory. Come along as we go over the excruciating death by 1,000 cuts, the Salem witch-era crushing (more weight!), throwing to the ashes, crucifixion, and the morbid – but hilarious – execution by elephant. Man, we really cannot stop screwing over the pachyderms.

Episode 18 – Imprisonment (Part Two): A High of -42°C

We are back with part two of our series on Imprisonment. This week we cover the start of everyone’s favorite penal colony (Australia), talk about the epidemic of vampire bats on Devil’s Island, explore the cruelty and cold of Tsarist prisons and Soviet gulags, and remind everyone why the Nazis were just the worst.

Episode 17 – Imprisonment (Part One): Cruel By Today’s Standards

Episode 17 everyone! This week, we go in-depth with humanity’s history of imprisonment. Come learn about how sons could pay for the crimes of their fathers in ancient Mesopotamia, the sewer dungeons of Rome, the difference between medieval Italian and German prisons, and the ‘Bloody Code’ of England. As always, it gets kind of gross.

Episode 16 – Disgusting Jobs: An Empire Built on Pee

In this week’s episode, learn how humans throughout history have cleaned up feces, stretched out innards, robbed graves, turned bones into baby chew-toys, and checked on the health of their king by methodically picking through their ‘leavings.’ Honestly, I don’t know how this show continues to get more disgusting week-to-week. It is a real accomplishment.

Special Guest Episode 1 – Science Deniers: Everyone’s Bigfoot

Welcome to our first Special Guest Episode! This week we are bringing in our friend Nathanael, an expert in all things weird. In this episode we discuss the history of science denial and its implications across the years. Come hear about anti-vaxers (dumb), those who think aliens built the pyramids (dumb), cryptids (awesome and dumb), and Skinwalker Ranch (totally real). It gets esoteric (i.e. really damn strange).

Episode 15 – Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Soup Can Condom

We are back with a regular show (finally)! This week, prepare to be grossed out as we cover humanity’s history with sexually transmitted diseases and all the really dumb ways we have tried to cure them (mercury poisoning incoming!). Follow us as we take you from the Egyptian injections of sandalwood oil into your urethra, Leviticus’ slightly unorthodox method of treating gonorrhea, and the return of that old stand-by: Leeches! Seriously, it is really disgusting.

Mini-Episode 3 – Short Faced Bear: Nature’s Great Wall

Mike is gone again so this week Lincoln is bringing you another short episode, this time about that slayer of men and bringer of pain…the Short Faced Bear. Come along on this quick journey as we explore this monstrous creature and the consequences faced as it ran into another great predator: Man! (Cue ‘Bambi’ hunter theme). It will be a violent delight.

Episode 14 – Construction: Good Job, Slaves!

We’re back with a new full-length episode! If you think your construction job is tough, just listen to this one. After hearing about collapsing roofs, lead gutters, and faulty scaffolding, you’ll be ready to pen a hand-written thank you note to OSHA.