Mini-Episode 6 – Christmas Traditions: DO NOT TOUCH THE LOG!!!

Merry Minisode Christmas! It’s time to harvest magic mistletoe, punch your blindfolded friends, burn a chunk of wood from the yard so your family doesn’t die, and eat flaming raisins. All in a 12-hour day’s long work. Oh, that’s not what you do on Christmas? Well thank your lucky ass you weren’t born in the Victorian era. Join Mike to learn about… basically all the things I just listed.

Episode 28 – Mining: The Good Kind of Slavery

Who wants to learn about terrible working conditions and basic lapses in safety? Because that is what you are getting as this week we talk about mines. Learn about the earliest human ‘mining’ (picking stuff off the ground), Egyptians and the ‘flesh of the gods’, Romans literally moving mountains, and the Chinese once again being better at everything than everyone.

Episode 26 – Stupid People: Schnapps Forts

Welcome back for this week’s episode. This time, we will cover the ancient Chinese (dumb), the Ancient Greece (real dumb), and the 18th Century Austrian Army (unfathomably dumb). You’ll not hear more about drunken donkeys anywhere else on the internet!

Episode 24 – Worker’s Rights: They Can’t Kill Us All!

This week, Lincoln is in a rage as we discuss the roller coaster that is the history of worker’s rights. We’ll talk about the differences between the Ancient Greek and Roman social safety nets, the upward bump caused by the Black Death, Appalachian coal miners literally going to war for the right to unionize, and one political party’s attempts to set us back 100 years on labor rights.

Episode 22 – Communication: Roman Vuvuzelas

Never take your shitty cell phone for granted. The work people used to have to go through to contact each other over long distances was ridiculous. Listen to this episode if you want to hear about smoke signals, fire beacons, old timey telegraphs, and 50lb cell phones from the 80s.