About The Hosts

Lincoln Stanley

Always with an eye for the historically morbid, Lincoln has consistently been fascinated by the battles, hardships, and horrors of centuries past.  While his focus (and fetish) typically revolves around ancient Rome, he also has a ton of historical insights on Egypt, Greece, and major wars like WW1 and WW2.

Lincoln has also served time in the US army, so when it comes to guns and military jargon, he knows his shit.


Mike Nichols

Copywriter and amateur stand-up comedian,  Mike has always enjoyed delving into stories of the past, especially if they’re gross, funny, or make him feel better about living in the present. Mike has never been a fan of armchair doomsday prophets, and approached Lincoln about creating the podcast in response to so many people saying stupid things like ‘Today really is the worst time to be alive.’  Because it’s not.