This is the official website for the Everything’s Just Fine Podcast, the podcast that systematically debunks the reactionary attitude that we’re currently experiencing the worst time in human history. (Spoiler alert: we’re not.)

In each episode, Lincoln and Mike chose an aspect of modern day life that people dislike or complain about, and then shine a light on how much worse that aspect was in centuries past. If the constant barrage of overly negative network news and armchair apocalypse prophets is giving you daily panic attacks, or if you simply have a morbid curiosity about how violent and disgusting human history has been, this is the podcast for you.

We try to release new episodes every week. Have a listen to our most recent episodes just below, or find a complete list in the ‘Episodes’ tab. Enjoy!


Mini-Episode 6 – Christmas Traditions: DO NOT TOUCH THE LOG!!!

Merry Minisode Christmas! It’s time to harvest magic mistletoe, punch your blindfolded friends, burn a chunk of wood from the yard so your family doesn’t die, and eat flaming raisins. All in a 12-hour day’s long work. Oh, that’s not what you do on Christmas? Well thank your lucky ass you weren’t born in the …